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Most Reviewed Places on Google Maps, Here We have the list of all the places in Google Maps Which You Can Check Here in This Article.

20 Most Reviewed Places on Google Maps

Masjid al-Haram, Mecca, Saudi Arabia – 4.9

Most Reviewed Places on Google Maps From Here Our List Started and the First One is Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, which is Islam’s holiest mosque. Millions of Muslims visit for prayers, pilgrimage, and a deep spiritual connection. It’s very important to them and it holds a remarkable rating of 4.9 on Google Maps.


Trevi Fountain, Italy – 4.8

Trevi Fountain in Italy is a famous fountain where people toss coins to make wishes. It’s a beautiful and historic spot in Rome that’s fun to visit and it is 2nd most reviewed place on Google Maps with a rating of 4.8

Trevi Fountain, Italy

Colosseum, Rome, Italy – 4.7

The Colosseum in Rome, Italy, is a huge, old arena where gladiators fought. It’s a cool place to learn about history and imagine ancient battles. In the heart of Rome, the Colosseum stands tall with a rating of 4.7.

Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France – 4.6

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, is a tall, iconic tower that offers fantastic city views. It’s famous for its romantic atmosphere and beauty. People love visiting it. The Eiffel Tower, gracing Paris with a 4.6 rating, offers breathtaking views of the City of Love and is a must-visit landmark.

A Beautiful view of Eiffel Tower

Gateway of India, India – 4.6

The Gateway of India in Mumbai, India, is a lovely arch by the sea. People visit it to take pictures and enjoy the beautiful view. The Gateway of India rated at 4.6, is an iconic Mumbai monument that overlooks the Arabian Sea, capturing the essence of the city.

gateway of india

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Zócalo, Mexico City, Mexico – 4.7

The Zocalo is Mexico City’s lively and historic central square, hosting celebrations and cultural activities as well as housing both the Metropolitan principal church and National Palace. Zócalo, with a rating of 4.7, is the bustling heart of Mexico City, hosting events, cultural gatherings, and celebrations.

Zócalo, Mexico City, Mexico

Al Masjid an-Nabawi, Medina, Saudi Arabia – 4.9

Al Masjid an-Nabawi in Medina (Saudi Arabia) is an elegant mosque of great spiritual significance for Muslims worldwide and welcomes pilgrims from far and wide, with a remarkable 4.9 rating, is one of Islam’s holiest sites and holds a serene atmosphere for pilgrims.

Al Masjid an-Nabawi, Medina, Saudi Arabia

Walt Disney World Resort, Florida, USA – 4.7

Walt Disney World Resort is located in Florida, USA. It’s a magical place where visitors of all ages can experience attractive parks, entertaining entertainment, and memorable moments. The Walt Disney World Resort, rated at 4.7, is a magical place where fairy tales come to life and create cherished memories.

Walt Disney World Resort, Florida, USA

Louvre Museum, Paris, France – 4.7

The Louvre in Paris, France is a treasure chest of art, culture, and history. It houses masterpieces such as the Mona Lisa that attract art lovers from around the world. The Louvre Museum, with a rating of 4.7, houses world-famous art and artifacts, making it a treasure trove for art enthusiasts.

Louvre Museum, Paris, France

Central Park, New York City, USA – 4.8

A huge park in the middle of New York City where you can relax and play. Central Park, rated at 4.8, offers a peaceful escape in the heart of the bustling New York City, where nature and recreation meet.

Central Park, New York City, USA

Ibirapuera Park, São Paulo, Brazil – 4.8

Ibirapuera Park in São Paulo, Brazil, is a big park with green spaces and fun things to do. It’s a great place to enjoy nature and have fun. Ibirapuera Park, rated at 4.8, is a green oasis in São Paulo, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and cultural activities.

Ibirapuera Park, São Paulo, Brazil

Disneyland Paris, France – 4.5

Disneyland Paris in France is a magical place with Disney characters, rides, and lots of fun. It’s like a fairy tale come to life for kids and families. Disneyland Paris rated at 4.5, is where fairy tales and Disney magic enchant visitors of all ages.

Disneyland Paris, France

Bosque de Chapultepec, Mexico City, Mexico – 4.6

Bosque de Chapultepec in Mexico City is a large park with trees, museums, and a zoo. It’s a great place to explore, learn, and enjoy nature. The Bosque de Chapultepec, rated at 4.6, is one of the largest city parks in the world, providing tranquility in Mexico City.

Bosque de Chapultepec, Mexico City

India Gate, New Delhi, India – 4.6

India Gate in New Delhi, India, is a big arch that honors soldiers. People visit to remember and pay respect to those who served the country. India Gate, with a rating of 4.6, is a national monument honoring Indian soldiers, and it stands tall as a symbol of patriotism.

India Gate, New Delhi, India

Mysore Palace, Mysore, India – 4.6

Mysore Palace in India is a grand, colorful palace with lots of history. It looks like a fairy tale castle and is a popular place to visit. Mysore Palace, rated at 4.6, is an architectural gem with rich historical significance, showcasing the grandeur of India’s royal heritage.

Mysore Palace, Mysore, India

The Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE – 4.7

The Dubai Mall in Dubai, UAE, is a huge shopping place with many stores and fun things to do, like an aquarium and an ice rink with a 4.7 rating, is a shopper’s paradise and a hub of entertainment, dining, and fashion.

The Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE

Taj Mahal, Agra, India – 4.6

The Taj Mahal in Agra, India, is a stunning white building. It’s a famous symbol of love, built a long time ago, and people visit to see its beauty. The Taj Mahal, rated at 4.6, is a timeless testament to love and is one of the most iconic monuments in the world.

Taj Mahal, Agra, India

Maidan, Kolkata, India – 4.5

Maidan in Kolkata, India, is a big open field where people go for walks, sports, and events. It’s like a large park in the city. With a rating of 4.5, Maidan is Kolkata’s sprawling urban park, offering a tranquil escape from city life.

Maidan, Kolkata, India

Magic Kingdom Park, Florida, USA – 4.7

Magic Kingdom Park in Florida, USA, is where Disney’s dreams come true. It’s full of Disney characters, fun rides, and magical experiences for everyone to enjoy. The Magic Kingdom Park, rated at 4.7, is where Disney’s dreams come true, with enchanting experiences for all.

Magic Kingdom Park, USA

Times Square, New York City, USA – 4.7

Times Square in New York City, USA, is a bright and busy place with lots of signs, theaters, and excitement. It’s like the heart of the city. Times Square, with a 4.7 rating, is the iconic “Crossroads of the World,” known for its dazzling lights and vibrant atmosphere.

A Night view of Times Square, New York City


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