It's no surprise that Belgium, the birthplace of Brussels sprouts, tops the list. These flavorful veggies are a main in Belgian cuisine, often served alongside hearty dishes like stoofvlees (beef stew) or as a side dish with roasted meats.

United States

Americans have developed a growing love for Brussels sprouts in recent years. Whether it is roasted, sautéed, or shredded in salads, these nutritious greens have become a favorite on dinner tables across the country.

United Kingdom

 In the UK, Brussels sprouts are a traditional part of the Christmas dinner spread. They're often boiled or steamed and served alongside roast turkey, stuffing, and gravy.


Dutch have a fondness for Brussels sprouts. These veggies feature highly in Dutch cuisine, especially during the winter months.


Germans enjoy Brussels sprouts in various forms, including as a side dish or added to hearty stews and casseroles. They're appreciated for their earthy flavor and versatility in cooking.


Canadian cuisine has added Brussels sprouts as a nutritious and delicious vegetable option. Whether roasted with maple syrup or tossed in a flavorful stir-fry, Canadians love adding Brussels sprouts to their meals.


In France, Brussels sprouts are often prepared simply, with a touch of butter or olive oil, and seasoned with salt and pepper. They're enjoyed as a side dish or added to salads and vegetable mix.


Aussies have developed a taste for Brussels sprouts, adding them to a variety of dishes from stir-fries to gratins. Their versatility and nutritional value make them a popular choice among health-aware Australians.


In Sweden, Brussels sprouts are a common ingredient in traditional dishes like kålpudding (cabbage pudding) and kålrotstappe (mashed rutabaga). They're appreciated for their hearty flavor and ability to withstand cold climates.


While not traditionally a main of Italian cuisine, Brussels sprouts have become increasingly popular in Italy in recent years. They're often roasted or sautéed with garlic and olive oil, adding a delicious twist to classic Italian dishes.