Jaggery chana dal halwa

A sweet and rich dessert made of cooked chana dal that has been roasted, with jaggery and ghee & then spiced with cardamom. It is often decorated with nuts, providing an enjoyable treat.

Chana Jaggery Pancake

Pancakes are prepared using roasted jaggery and chana flour in the batter. This creates an original twist on traditional pancakes, with a slightly sweet and nutty flavor.

 Roasted Chana &Jaggery Ladoo

 Small round sweets are made by mixing the chana powder roasted with melting jaggery, and sometimes adding Ghee or Nutmeg. The mixture is formed into balls, providing an energizing and healthy snack.

Jaggery Coated with Roasted Chana Popcorn

 A snack that cooks chana is mixed with popcorn and coated in melting jaggery. The result is the most delicious, sweet, savory delight with delicious textures.

Roasted Chana and Jaggery Rice Pudding

A rich and creamy dessert is created by boiling the rice with milk till it becomes soft and then adding chana roasted with chopped nuts, and grated jaggery. It is a delicious dessert that is sweet and salty.

Roasted Chana and Jaggery Dosa

Dosa variations that use the dosa batter from the traditional recipe. It can be filled with a mix of roasted chana that has been crushed and grated jaggery before being cooked on a grill. This makes a distinctive sweet dosa.

Roasted Chana and Jaggery Stuffed Dates

Dates are pitted and then filled with roasted chana. It can also be combined with jaggery for extra sweetness. This is a wonderful and nutritious snack that has an apricot and savory flavor.

Jaggery coated Roasted Chana Burfi

Traditional Indian sweet that is made by mixing the roasted chana powder with melts of jaggery and Ghee. The mix is spread out, then cooled before being cut into diamond-shaped pieces giving a sweet and nutty snack.

Jaggery chana maa ladoo

Similar to other ladoos based on chana These are made using jaggery and chana that has been roasted and, sometimes, dried fruit or nuts making delicious sweets that are healthy and delicious.